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Serie 3000
18.000 bph - 8 cavity
A large technological innovations are presented with this new generation of PET preform blowmoulding machines. All of them with the clear objective of expanding the number of features available in the market of PET preform blowmoulding machines. Serie3000 is positioned as the best solution, both technical and economical.
The new SIDE 3000 Series, represents the step forward in PET preform linear blowmoulding machines, increasing the efficiency and profitability of the equipments. Highlighting the new elements to achieve a reduction in electricity consumption and significantly improve the performance of the components.
Perfect combination of a lineal and rotary blowmoulding machine
Highest production 18000 bph · Productivity and Efficienty · Simplicity and reliability
RANGE bph lts TO lts.
3008e 18000 1,5 2
3007e 15000 1,5 3
3005eG 6500 5 8
3004eG 4500 5 10
Extra perfomances
All electronic components are compatibles in all Serie3000 models.
CE 2006/42
cUL - ISO 9001-2008 At electric control cabinet of the
blomoulding unit and preform case dúmper.

High Quality elements:
Heater control by Siemens
HMI / PLC Siemens
ABB Inverters
Norgren - Festo pneumatics
Siemens Servomotors and drivers
Victory IR lamps
Tanks Stainless steel AISI - 304
Moulds Aluminum AL - 7075-T6
General features
  • Continuous, non-indexed preform transport system.
  • Single row of ovens.
  • Mechanical cam system for collecting up-down preforms.
  • Speed and movement controlled by servomotors.
  • Control de la velocidad y los movimientos mediante servomotores.
  • Oil-free.
  • No chains used. Preform rotated by belt and independent speed adjustment.
  • Non-pneumatic mechanical grippers.
  • Perfect synchronisation, controlled by servomotor.
  • Isolating barriers for neck protection.
  • Quick-change nozzles. No tools required.
  • High efficiency for heating preforms.
  • System for rotating preforms independent of the travel of the oven, controlled by variable frequency drive.
  • Triple air-cooling zone.
  • Filtered air (in contact with the preform).
  • High-efficiency lamps.
  • Mirror reflector.
  • Automatic oven compensation.
  • General height and distance adjustment.
  • Individual height and distance adjustment, lamp by lamp.
  • Seven oven modules with 8-10 lamps each.
  • Optimum use of radiation from the lamps to the preforms; minimal space between preforms.
  • Preform warming area.
  • Easy access and quick maintenance.
  • Double plate with pneumatic compensation bushing. No columns or spindles.
  • High-speed opening/closing.
  • Opening/closing activated by servomotors.
  • Quick-connection shell moulds with no pipes.
  • Valve for closing the refrigeration water, to avoid condensation with the machine halted.
  • Norgren blowing units, with latest-generation high-pressure recovery air outlet.
  • Bloques de soplado Norgren con salida de aire de recuperación de última generación.
  • Control pressure transducer for each cavity.
  • Electric stretching.
  • External sealing nozzle, to avoid neck deformation.
  • Blowing air filter.
  • Filtro de aire.
  • High-pressure air regulator via screen.
  • Pre-blowing and blowing air regulator via screen.
  • Mechanical grippers for transfer from press to overhead outlet system.
  • Additional area for cooling the base of the bottle.
  • Incorrectly blown bottle rejection position.
  • Maximum transfer speed to the overhead conveyor.
  • Movements controlled by servomotors.
  • Remote connexion via EWON Flexy
  • App - real-time information on blower status:
  • Machine in production
  • Format ins talled
  • Nominal speed
  • Working hours
  • List of alarms
  • General consumptions
  • General parameters of the process
  • Equipment operating conditions
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